Disable screensave (blankscreen) Openbox Arch Linux

oke how to do it ? just following below command on your fucking terminal

$ xset s off && xset -dpms && xset s noblank

and vice versa.


Make SLIMLOCK Automatic Locking Screen After Inactivities.

oke guys, first what we need to install is:
1. slimlock from AUR Repo
2. xautolock from Arch Linux Repo

in here i just give you tutor install xautolock and configure it.

$ sudo pacman -S xautolock
$ xautolock -time 1 -locker slimlock


xautolock : this is program for make slimlock run after 10 inactivities
-time : set your timer
1 : your set minutes
-locker : command for run screen locker
slimlock : this is program what we use for screen locking.

thanks for reading this post.

Search Result With Pagination Codeigniter

oke let’s do it.

this is my controller

public function search()
$nm_pkt = $this->input->get('nama_paket');
$unit_like = $this->input->get('unit');
$config['per_page'] = 10;
$config['first_link'] = 'Pertama';
$config['last_link'] = 'Terakhir';
$config['suffix'] = '?' . http_build_query($_GET, '', "&");
$config['base_url'] = base_url().'index.php/template/search';
if ($this->uri->segment(3) == '') {
$dari = 1;
} else {
$dari = $this->uri->segment(3);

$config['total_rows'] = $this->public_model->lihat($config['per_page'],$dari,'rows',$nm_pkt,$unit_like);
$data['lastq'] = $this->db->last_query();
$cari = $this->input->get('result');
$data['artikel'] = $this->public_model->lihat($config['per_page'],$dari,'grid',$nm_pkt,$unit_like);

$data['pagination'] = $this->pagination->create_links();

and this is my model

function lihat($sampai,$dari,$mode1,$key1='',$key2=''){

//return $query = $this->db->get('paketaktif',$sampai,$dari)->result();

if ((!empty($key1)) or (!empty($key2)) )
if ($mode1=='grid') {
$query = "SELECT * FROM `paketaktif` WHERE nama_paket like '%".$key1."%' and unit like '%".$key2."%' limit ".$dari.",".$sampai." ";
} else if ($mode1=='rows') {
$query = "SELECT * FROM `paketaktif` WHERE nama_paket like '%".$key1."%' and unit like '%".$key2."%' ";

} else {
$query = $query = "SELECT * FROM `daftar_paket` limit ".$dari.",".$sampai." ";
$query1 = $this->db->query($query);
$jmlrow = $query1->num_rows();
if ($mode1 == 'grid') {
$query2 = $query1->result();
return $query2;
} else if ($mode1 == 'rows'){
return $jmlrow;


and this is my view

Nama Paket: Unit:

idpaket.'-'.$v->nama_paket, 'dash', TRUE); ?>

Logo Here. Unavailable
Nama Paket



URL Friendly Get Num In SLUG

$alamat = '1337-title-dari-berita-yang-bakal-diconvert';
$url = explode("-", $alamat, 2);
$id = $url[0]
echo $id;

then the variable $id will output like this = 1337


PHP interview questions and answers for freshers

this is the interview question.

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